Course Info

The park features a flat to moderate-grade course with a few short steep climbs. The entire course is lined with beautiful prairie and native trees, plants and flowers, in a quintessential Midwest prairie setting. The trail is primarily a wide crushed limestone path, and is great for beginners and fun for veteran trail runners. This is a fast course by trail running standards!

All courses are on trails. While there are some small hills, this event, like all Heartland Endurance Sports runs, is very friendly to first-time trail runners and experienced runners alike. Depending on the weather, all distances may include a bit of mud or grunge in near the low area crossings! Walkers/hikers/ruckers are welcome in all distances.

Course Maps:
The half-marathon course is 2 loops of the 6.55 mile course

Aid Stations
There will be an aid station at the start/finish point, and along the trail at approximately 1.5 mile distances. 10K Runners will pass 4 aid stations, while half-marathon runners will pass 8 aid stations. We will monitor the forecast for hot weather or high heat-index, and will add additional aid stations if deemed necessary.

Safety & Trail Etiquette
The trails will be open to other users during the event, including pedestrians, bicyclists and equestrians (horseback riders). Please be courteous. Horses have the right of way, and if you encounter a horse in your path, stop running and talk to the rider; you will probably need to step to the side of the trail to let the horse past, but sometimes the rider will tell you it is okay to walk past. The amount of trail traffic will depend on the weather.

About the Park
Strawtown Koteewi Park, a Hamilton County Parks and Recreation facility, is located on 236th Street, just minutes from downtown Noblesville and Cicero and is a must-see for any history buff. The park has become a hot-bed of Native American archaeological activity in recent years. If history doesn’t strike your fancy, this 750-acre park also includes a canoe launch on the White River for boating and fishing, nature trails for hiking or cycling, equestrian trails for riding, and wetlands and prairies for enjoying the park’s natural beauty. This park offers all ages a chance to learn more about the historical and archaeological significance of Strawtown Koteewi Park by visiting the new Taylor Center of Natural History. The center includes an archaeology lab, classrooms, exhibit area and artifact curation area. Together, the Taylor Center of Natural History and Strawtown Koteewi Park offer a variety of programs.